Palliative care for people with non-malignant respiratory disease and their carers: a review of the current evidence

Clare McVeigh, Joanne Reid, Philip Larkin, Sam Porter, Peter Hudson

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Background: Internationally, non-malignant respiratory disease (NMRD) is on the increase. However, although palliative care is recommended as an appropriate healthcare option for this client group, evidence suggests that these patients and their carers do not receive the same standards of palliative care as patients with a malignant lung condition.  Aim: The aim of this review was to provide a critical overview of the current evidence base in relation to the palliative service provision for people with NMRD and their carers.   Methods: A review of the literature was conducted in July 2015 and updated in October 2017, focused on the palliative care service provision for patients with interstitial lung disease, COPD and bronchiectasis.  Results: Seventy-one empirical studies were included in the review and grouped in to two main themes: Patient and carer’s bio-psychosocial symptom needs and management, and Palliative care service provision for patients with non-malignant respiratory disease and their carer.  Conclusion: The majority of palliative research focuses on patients with a diagnosis of COPD. A deeper insight is required into the palliative service provision experienced by those with other forms of non-malignant respiratory disease such as bronchiectasis and interstitial lung disease. 
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Research in Nursing
Early online date29 Apr 2019
Publication statusEarly online date - 29 Apr 2019


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