Performance of clay samples reinforced with vertical granular columns

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This paper reports an experimental study in which samples of soft kaolin clay (100 mm in diameter and 200 mm in height) were reinforced with vertical columns of sand and tested under triaxial conditions. Samples were reinforced with either a single column of sand of 32 mm diameter or three columns of sand, each of 20 mm diameter. The replacement method was used to form the columns. The columns were installed in the clay to depths of 120 and 200 mm. Tests were also carried out on samples that were not reinforced with sand columns. The samples were compressed under both drained and undrained conditions. It was found that the undrained shear strength of samples containing full-depth columns was greatly improved compared with that of the unreinforced samples. In the fully drained tests, the sample installed with a single column of 32 mm diameter exhibited better performance than the sample with three columns of 20 mm diameter, although the area replacement ratio in the case of the three 20 mm diameter columns was higher than that of the single 32 mm diameter column. However, the undrained strength of the composite material was not particularly affected by the number of columns.
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 2007

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