Playing, Authoring, Interpreting

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For this unconference, I’d like to offer an opportunity to those of my colleagues who wish to actively reflect on their approaches to authorship, textuality and readership in higher education research. In the process, they will gain experiential knowledge of two such endeavours which utilize arts-based methods, and will be invited to contribute to research on such processes[1].

Along with the facilitator(s), participants will be prompted to create visual narratives from a provided bank of images, which they will show and discuss with a small group of fellow participants. They will then choose one of the visual narratives to re-present in a postcard, articulating thoughts about either the narrative or the participation process for a reader of his/her choice, to whom the postcard will be addressed. Through this process, participants will act as authors and readers of the texts constructed.

All original artifacts will remain in the possession of the participants. Those who are willing, will be invited at the end of the workshop to contribute images of their artifacts for research purposes [2]. However, participating in the workshop process is in no way dependent on participating in the research.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2018


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