Precision Teaching in IV Fluid Prescribing and Patient Safety

Ian Walsh, Katerina Dounavi, James Murray, Joseph Houghton, Kathy Cullen, Carol Wilson, Adam Dalby, Karola Dillenburger

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OBJECTIVES: Precision Teaching (PT) has been shown to be an effective intervention to assess teaching method effectiveness and evaluate learning outcomes. SAFMEDS (Say All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled) are a practice/assessment procedure within the PT framework to assist learning and fluency. We explored the effects of a brief intervention with PT, to impart high frequency performance in safe intravenous fluid prescription in a group of final year undergraduate medical students.
METHODS: 133 final year undergraduate medical students completed a multiple choice question (MCQ) test on safe IV fluid prescription at the beginning and end of the study. The control group (n= 76) of students were taught using a current standardized teaching method. Students allocated to the intervention arm of the study were additionally instructed on PT and the use of SAFMEDS. The study group (n = 57) received 50 SAFMEDS cards containing information on the principles of IV fluid prescription scenarios. These students were trained/tested twice per day for 1 minute.
RESULTS: Interim analysis showed that the study group displayed an improvement in fluency and accuracy as the study progressed. There was a statistically significant improvement in MCQ performance for the PT group compared with the control group between the beginning and end of the study (35% vs 15%).
CONCLUSION: These results suggest PT employing SAFMEDS is an effective method for improving fluency, accuracy and patient safety in intravenous fluid prescribing amongst undergraduate medical students.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 19 Feb 2015
EventINMED Annual Scientific Meeting - Limerick, Ireland
Duration: 19 Feb 201520 Feb 2015


ConferenceINMED Annual Scientific Meeting
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  • patient safety
  • precision leaching

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