Preparation of Highly Stable OEG derivatives-functionalized AuNPs and Its Application in LSPR-based Detection of PSA/ACT Complex

Cuong Cao, Sang Jun Sim

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The zero-length crosslinker EDC has been widely used to make amide bonds between carboxylic acid and amine groups for bioconjugation because no residues remain in the crosslinked protein. During the conjugation process, EDC activates the carboxyl groups (negatively charged) and forms an unstable amine-reactive intermediate (positively charged). However, the process turns to be a problematic issue if it is applied to modify carboxyl-functionalized and –stabilized Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) due to the fact that the negatively repulsive forces which help to stabilize the AuNPs were disrupted leading to the colloid aggregation. Therefore, to modify the negatively carboxyl-terminated AuNPs while their stability can be maintained yet, we assume that functionalization of the AuNPs using 02 kinds of negatively charged groups which one serves as a linking agent, and the other one plays a role of negative charge maintainer could overcome the impediment.

In this study, the colloidal gold nanoparticles were synthesized by Turkevitch’s method, and then their surface was rationally functionalized with different molar ratios of HS(CH2)11(OCH2CH2)6OCH2COOH and HS(CH2)11(OCH2CH2)3OH (OEG6-COOH/OEG3-OH) by self assembling technique. As a result, the most appropriate molar ratio was found to be 1:10, and the AuNP aggregation was prevented not only in the activation process by EDC but also in the present of high concentration of NaCl as well as over in a wide pH range. This is the first time that extremely stable OEG derivatives-functionalized Au nanoparticles for protein bioconjugation using EDC chemistry is reported, and the results open the door for covalent bioconjugation of AuNPs in biological applications.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2006
EventInternational conference on Nano Science and Nano Technology - Kwangju, Korea, Republic of
Duration: 07 Dec 200608 Dec 2006


ConferenceInternational conference on Nano Science and Nano Technology
Country/TerritoryKorea, Republic of


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