Proportioning variability in the dispensation of hand-mixed dental cements

N Ray, F Burke, G McKenna

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Objectives: The purpose of this investigation was to determine for dispensed multiples (1 through 4) of powder (P) and liquid (L) in hand-mixed dental cement whether: (1) the mean (P/L) ratio (m/m) and (2) the maximum difference in (P/L) ratio is dependent on the number of multiples dispensed. The Null hypotheses were: (a) mean (P/L) ratio is independent of the number of multiples dispensed and (b) maximum difference in (P/L) ratio is independent of the number of multiples dispensed.
Methods: The materials investigated are listed in the Table. The masses of dispensed aliquots of powder and liquid were measured by a single operator (n=10, for multiples 1 through 4) on a 4-place analytical balance. All measurements were made independently and all possible (P/L) ratios calculated for each sample. The effect of multiple dispensations on (P/L) ratios and maximum (P/L) differences was by one-way ANOVA and linear regression, respectively, with the Tukey post-hoc correction for multiple comparisons.MULTIPLE DISPENSEDDISPENSED MU(x1)(x2)(x3)(x4)Zinc phosphateHeraeus12.271(0.691)a13.051(1.269)b13.215(0.824)b13.118(1.149)bFuji IXGC4.209(0.373)a4.085(0.275)b4.095(0.226)b4.095(0.217)bIRMDentsply7.933(0.767)a7.430(0.451)b7.977(0.729)a8.186(0.929)aKetac-Cem3M Espe9.6206(0.613)a9.714(0.523)a9.298(0.314)b9.321(0.292)bMean (SD) powder/liquid ratio (m/m). Superscript letters represent significances (α = 0.05) within each material
Results: Mean (SD) (P/L) ratios are presented in the Table. Null hypothesis (a) is rejected: either (x1) or (x2) dispensation yields a different (P/L) ratio to (x3) or (x4) (p < 0.05). Null hypothesis (b) is rejected: a negative correlation is observed in max (P/L) ratio difference with dispensed multiple for Ketac Cem (p = 0.029).
Conclusion: For hand-mixed dental cements: (1) more consistent (P/L) ratios may be observed with multiple dispensations of powder & liquid; (2) maximum differences in (P/L) ratio may be negatively correlated with dispensation multiple in some materials.
Original languageEnglish
Article number32
JournalJournal of Dental Research
Issue numberSpec. Iss B
Publication statusPublished - 2013
Event2013 IADR Irish Division Annual Meeting - Cork, Ireland
Duration: 14 Nov 201315 Nov 2013

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