Prostate cancer and the impact on couples: a qualitative metasynthesis

N. Collaco, C. Rivas, L. Matheson, J Nayoan, R. Wagland, O. Alexis, Anna Gavin, A. Glaser, E. Watson

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To review and interpret existing qualitative literature on the experiences of couples affected by prostate cancer (PCa).

A metasynthesis was carried out which included a systematic search of seven databases between 2000 and 2016. A modified version of Noblit and Hare's meta-ethnographic approach was used to synthesise qualitative study findings and inform overarching interpretations.

Thirty-seven studies focusing on the experiences of men with PCa and their partner dyad were included producing seven interconnected constructs. The construct accepting change vs seeking continuity reflects the range of ways individuals within the dyad and couples adjust to the diagnosis. Cultivating connection vs disengaging illustrates how couples seek to manage the impact of PCa and its treatment on their relationship, which may lead to a threatened identity, including sexual insecurities. Shielding me, you and us reflects the ways in which couples strive to protect themselves as individuals and/or each other from the impact of PCa. Being a partner and its challenges highlights the responsibilities partners assume and the impact of their supporting role. Yet, partners sometimes report feeling unsupported and side-lined both by the man they are caring for and by healthcare professionals. Couples often recognise the value of facing PCa together.

PCa affects both members of the dyad as individuals, as well as the couple's relationship. How best to support couples and how to overcome difficulties in expressing their concerns to one another requires further consideration. Healthcare professionals should endeavour to employ a couple-focused approach where appropriate.

Couples; Dyad; Oncology; Partner experience; Prostate cancer; Qualitative metasynthesis
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 06 Mar 2018


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