Protein expression pattern of CDK11(p58) during testicular development in the mouse.

Hongliang Zong

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Protein kinases are important signalling molecules critical for normal cell growth and development. CDK11(p58) is a p34(cdc2) related protein kinase, and plays an important role in normal cell cycle progression. In this study, we mainly characterized the protein expression of CDK11(p58) during postnatal development in mouse testes and examined the cellular localization of CDK11(p58) and cyclinD3, which was associated with CDK11(p58) in mammalian cells. Western blot analysis revealed that CDK11(p58) was present in the early stages of development. It gradually increased and reached a peak in adult testes. The protein expression of CDK11(p58) was further analysed by immunohistochemistry due to its developmentally regulated expression. The variable immunostaining patterns of CDK11(p58) were visualized during different developmental periods and, in adult mouse, different stages of seminiferous tubules. CDK11(p58) expression was detected in proliferating germ cells in the early stages of developing testes. In adult testes, the protein was expressed in pachytene primary spermatocytes from stage VII to XI of spermatogenesis and in postmeiotic spermatids in all stages at different levels. The colocalization of CDK11(p58) and cyclinD3 in the adult testis was revealed by immunofluorescence analysis.
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JournalMolecular and Cellular Biochemistry
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Publication statusPublished - Feb 2005

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