Punishment, youth justice and cultural contingency: Towards a balanced approach

Claire Hamilton, Wendy Fitzgibbon, Nicola Carr

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Reflecting developments in the broader penological realm, accounts have been advanced over the last number of decades about a ‘punitive turn’ in the youth justice systems of Western democracies. Against the background of this work, this project seeks to identify convergent and divergent trends in the youth justice systems of England, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as the rationalities and discourses animating these. The results lend support to research emphasising the continued salience of national, regional and local factors on penal outcomes but also suggest the need to steer an analytical path somewhere between nomothetic (convergent) and idiographic (divergent) accounts.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages20
JournalYouth Justice: An International Journal
Early online date10 Jan 2016
Publication statusEarly online date - 10 Jan 2016


  • Youth Justice
  • Comparative Criminology


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