Quality of water in two areas affected by past mining activities in alpine context

Domenico Antonio De Luca, Neha Mehta, Manuela Lasagna, Giovanna Antonella Dino, Arianna Bucci

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Abandoned mines can pose serious pressure on local water sources. Analyses of the possible water related environmental problems connected to past mining activities was performed in two mining areas, Campello Monti and Gorno in NW Italy. To study impacts on local water sources water sampling campaigns and analyses were performed. The samples were analyzed to measure alkalinity, electrical conductivity, pH, chemical elements: Hg, Tl, Cd, Cr (total), Cr (VI), Ag, As, Pb, Se, Ni, Co, Mn, Al, Fe, Cu, Zn, B and other analytes: CN-, Fl-, Mg2+, Na+, SO4 2-, NO3-,Cl-. The water samples collected in Campello Monti area showed nickel contamination. The water samples collected at Gorno showed no contamination. Both Gorno and Campello Monti are two areas that were affected by intense mining activity in past. The absence of contamination in water (groundwater and rivers) in Gorno compared to Campello Monti may be due to several concomitant factors apart from the different geological context: in Gorno the higher pH of groundwater, which facilitates the precipitation of heavy metals and the increased flow velocity in the karst limestone rocks.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)68-72
Number of pages6
JournalRendiconti online della Società Geologica Italiana
Publication statusPublished - 01 Mar 2019


  • hydrogeology
  • groundwater circulation
  • abandoned mines
  • hydrochemistry
  • mine waters


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