Qutting and restarting smoking: cohort study of patients with angina in primary care

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Objective To examine variations in self-reported smoking habit among a cohort of individuals with chronic coronary heart disease over a five year period. Design Cross-sectional cohort; interviews at baseline, 2 years and 5 years. Setting Primary care. Participants A cross-sectional sample of 688 patients previously diagnosed as having angina, identified from 18 general practices in the Greater Belfast Area; a cohort of 487 were followed for five years. Outcome measures Changes in self-reported smoking habits; breath carbon monoxide measurement. Results Initially 92 of the 487 participants (19%) reported smoking, 34 (27%) subsequently reported non-smoking. Of the 395 self-reported non-smokers at baseline, 21 (5%) subsequently reported smoking. The prevalence of self-reported smoking amongst the cohort was 19% and 15% at two and five years respectively. However, changes in reported smoking habits indicating periods of abstinence and resumption were reported by 55/487 (11%) participants. Of the 21 non-smokers who changed their report, 20 had smoked previously, five reported having stopped for less than one year but nine for more than five years. Of the initial sample twice as many smokers as non-smokers had died by 2 years (10% v 5%; p
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