Realizing Edge Marketplaces: Challenges and Opportunities

Blesson Varghese, Massimo Villari, Omer Rana, Philip James, Tejal Shah, Maria Fazio, Rajiv Ranjan

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The edge of the network has the potential to host services for supporting a variety of user applications, ranging in complexity from data preprocessing, image and video rendering, and interactive gaming, to embedded systems in autonomous cars and built environments. However, the computational and data resources over which such services are hosted, and the actors that interact with these services, have an intermittent availability and access profile, introducing significant risk for user applications that must rely on them. This article investigates the development of an edge marketplace, which is able to support multiple providers for offering services at the network edge, and to enable demand supply for influencing the operation of such a marketplace. Resilience, cost, and quality of service and experience will subsequently enable such a marketplace to adapt its services over time. This article also describes how distributed-ledger technologies (such as blockchains) provide a promising approach to support the operation of such a marketplace and regulate its behavior (such as the GDPR in Europe) and operation. Two application scenarios provide context for the discussion of how such a marketplace would function and be utilized in practice.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)9-20
Number of pages12
JournalIEEE Cloud Computing
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 29 Nov 2018


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