D.M. Oneill, Ciaran Lewis, D. Neely, J.O. Uhomoibhi, H.Z. Chen, J. Jacoby, M.H. Key, A. Kidd, R. Kodama, P. Norreys, L. Dwivedi, J. Krishnan, G.J. Tallents, G.J. Pert, S.A. Ramsden, J. Zhang, A. Carillon, P. Dhez, P. Jaegle, G. JamelotA. Klisnick, J.P. Raucourt

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Amplification of spontaneous emission at 23.6 nm has been studied in a Ge plasma heated by a 1 TW, 1.06 mum wavelength, laser pulse. The exponent of the axial gain reached 21 in a geometry with Fresnel number less-than-or-equal-to 1. Two plasma columns were produced by irradiation of slab targets up to a combined length of 3.6 cm. A narrow band XUV mirror allowed double pass amplification. Saturation of ASE output at 23.6 nm was observed as a change from exponential to linear growth of the output with plasma length. Further evidence of the effect was provided by a decline in the ratio of the output at 23.6 nm to that at 23.2 nm from approximately 1.6: 1 to approximately 0.5: 1, the latter being the theoretically predicted value for saturated operation. The onset of saturation at gL almost-equal-to 15 is consistent with model calculations. The beam divergence was about 8x diffraction limited with a brightness estimated at almost-equal-to 10(14) W/cm2/ster.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)41-44
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 1992

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    Oneill, D. M., Lewis, C., Neely, D., Uhomoibhi, J. O., Chen, H. Z., Jacoby, J., Key, M. H., Kidd, A., Kodama, R., Norreys, P., Dwivedi, L., Krishnan, J., Tallents, G. J., Pert, G. J., Ramsden, S. A., Zhang, J., Carillon, A., Dhez, P., Jaegle, P., ... Raucourt, J. P. (1992). SATURATED AND NEAR DIFFRACTION-LIMITED ASE OUTPUT AT 23.6 NM. INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS CONFERENCE SERIES, 125, 41-44.