Scaling Considerations for 1-g Model Horizontal Plate Anchor Tests in Sand

A. S. Bradshaw, J. R. Giampa, H. Gerkus, S. Jalilvand, Joseph Fanning, Satyajeet Nanda, R. Gilbert, K. Gavin, V. Sivakumar

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This paper addresses scaling issues related to small-scale 1-g model tests on plate anchors in sand under drained loading conditions. Previous centrifuge studies from the literature have suggested that the results of conventional 1-g model testing are inaccurate because of scale effects. Other studies have suggested, however, that scaling errors can be reduced in 1-g model tests if the results are presented in dimensionless form and the constitutive response of the model soil is representative of the prototype behavior. There are no experimental studies in the literature that have tested the validity of this approach for plate anchors. A simple 1-g scaling framework was developed for vertically loaded, horizontal plate anchors. Small-scale 1-g model tests were performed on square plate anchors in dry sand, and combined with existing centrifuge and 1-g model test data from the literature to test the scaling approach for both capacity and deformation. The 1-g model tests provided a reasonable representation of the full-scale prototype behavior when the scaling approach was applied.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages9
JournalASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 01 Nov 2016


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