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A method for extg. a rare earth metal from a mixt. of one or more rare earth metals comprises contacting an acidic soln. of the rare earth metal with a compn. which comprises an ionic liq. to form an aq. phase and a non-aq. phase into which the rare earth metal was selectively extd.; said ionic liq. has the formula: [Cat + ][X - ], wherein [Cat + ] is [Y + ]L 1 N(L 2 -EDG) 2 ,where L 1 and L 2 are org. linking groups and EDG are electron donating groups - all defined further in claim 1.  In the worked embodiment, the ionic liq. is [MAIL + ][NTf 2- ].  The cation [MAIL + ] can be formed by the reaction of 1-(3-aminopropyl)-imidazole with N,N-diisobutyl-2-chloroacetamide.  The ionic liq. itself is claimed.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO 2018109483 A1
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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