Serviceability of bridge deck slabs with arching action

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    The deterioration of infrastructure, such as bridges, has been one of the major challenges facing both the designers and the owners of such utilities. Sustainable development and a climate of increasing commercialism has led to a requirement for more accurate means of structural analysis. Bridge assessment is one area where this is particularly relevant. It has been known for some time that bridge deck slabs have inherent enhanced strength due to the presence of arching or compressive membrane action (CMA) but only in recent years has there been some acceptance of a rational treatment of this phenomenon for design and assessment purposes. To use the benefits of arching action, this paper presents the results of tests carried out on a reinforced-concrete beam and slab bridge in Northern Ireland that incorporated novel reinforcement type and position. The research was aimed at extending previous laboratory tests on 1/3scale bridge deck edge panels. The measured crack widths and deflections have been compared with the current code requirements.
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    Publication statusPublished - Jan 2007

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