Sildenafil citrate improves sperm motility but causes a premature acrosome reaction in vitro

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Objective: to determine if sildenafil citrate; a cyclic monophosphate specific type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor, influences sperm motility or the acrosome reaction. Design: laboratory analysis of sperm motility after exposure to sildenafil citrate using computer assisted semen analysis (CASA) and acrosome reaction by fluoroscein isothiocyanate labelled peanut agglutinin (FITC-PNA) staining. Setting: An ART unit Patients: 57 male patients Interventions: Sperm were divided into 90% (the best fertilizing potential used in assisted conception) and 45% (the poorer subpopulation) fractions by density centrifugation and incubated with sildenafil citrate ( 0.67uM) at 37ï?°C for up to 180 minutes. Main outcome measures: both the numbers and velocity of progressively motile sperm were significantly increased by sildenafil citrate between 15 and 135 minutes. Further, samples revealed that these effects were consistent in the 90% and 45% subpopulations of sperm. In both subpopulations, sildenafil also caused a significant increase in the proportion of acrosome reacted sperm - 22.1% compared with 11.8% in the control group of the good quality fraction (p
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