SN 2009ip at late times - an interacting transient at+2 years

Morgan Fraser, Rubina Kotak, Andrea Pastorello, Anders Jerkstrand, Stephen J. Smartt, Ting-Wan Chen, Michael Childress, Gerard Gilmore, Cosimo Inserra, Erkki Kankare, Steve Margheim, Seppo Mattila, Stefano Valenti, Christopher Ashall, Stefano Benetti, Maria Theresa Botticella, Franz Erik Bauer, Heather Campbell, Nancy Elias-Rosa, Mathilde FleuryAvishay Gal-Yam, Stephan Hachinger, D. Andrew Howell, Laurent Le Guillou, Pierre-Francois Léget, Antonia Morales-Garoffolo, Joe Polshaw, Susanna Spiro, Mark Sullivan, Stefan Taubenberger, Massimo Turatto, Emma S. Walker, David R. Young, Bonnie Zhang

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