So you want to be an Academic Foundation Programme Doctor?

Michael Grant, Natalie Attalla, Alexander P. Maxwell*

*Corresponding author for this work

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The Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) provides many opportunities in clinical placements for foundation trainees to develop research, teaching and leadership skills. These AFP posts are integrated within Foundation Year training schemes and may be part of Foundation Year 1 (FY1) or Year2 (FY2) rotations. The generic academic skills are developed in addition to competencies within the core Foundation Programme Curriculum.The AFP posts are an integral part of several initiatives to enhance and strengthen career structures for academic medicine to enable AFP doctors to develop research,teaching, leadership and management skills in addition tothe competences outlined in the Foundation Programme Curriculum. An influential document (usually known as the“Walport report”) was published in 2005 by the UK ClinicalResearch Collaboration. This highlighted the need for better integration of clinical and academic medicine training and recommend a new and clear structure in order to achievet his. More recently, the “Shape of Training” report has emphasised that doctors in academic training pathways need training structures that are flexible enough to allow them to move in and out of clinical training while still attaining the competencies and standards of that training.
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JournalThe Ulster Medical Journal
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Publication statusPublished - 01 Sep 2017


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