Socially Engaged Sonic Arts (Portfolio)

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Portfolio of Participatory Sonic Arts Project: ExhibitionFocus on projects with disadvantaged communities using sound as a mechanism for exploring identity and relationship with place, resulting in sonic arts exhibitions; written element focuses on methodologies and theoretical context. Rebelo, P. Meireles, M. Sanchez, I. (2018) "Tufo da Mafalala: Behind a Performance", 30 minute film from project Understanding the role of music and sound in conflict transformation: The Mozambique Case Study (funded by AHRC Partnership for Conflict, Crime & Security ResearchRebelo, P. Velloso, R. (2017) “Som da Maré and Participatory Sonic Arts: towards a socially engaged art of sound in the everyday” in Emmerson, S. “The Routledge Research Companion to Electronic Music: Reaching out with Technology”.Vestido a Rigor (2017) Participatory Sonic Arts project with members of the gypsy community in Viseu, Portugal. Commissioned by Jardins Efémeros, Museu Nacional de Grão Vasco (with BeAnotherLab)Sou Cigano (2016) Participatory Sonic Arts project with members of the gypsy community in Castelo Branco, Portugal. Commissioned by Cultura Vibra and the Municipality of Castelo BrancoSom da Maré (2014). Participative Sound Art Project in the Maré Favelas, Muse da Maré Rio de Janeiro
Original languageEnglish
TypeSocially Engaged Sonic Arts
Media of outputMixed
PublisherMulti-component portfolio
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • Participatory
  • Sonic Arts
  • Socially Engaged Arts


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