Speaker - Talking and listening to children - Themes from Phase One

Karen Winter, Gillian Ruch, Mark Hadfield, Sophie Hallett, Fiona Morrison, Michelle Lefevre

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Communication with children is fundamental to the social worker role of protecting and promoting the wellbeing of vulnerable children. It enables social workers to form and maintain relationships with a child, learn about the child’s situation and understand the child’s perspective. Existing knowledge about how children and social workers communicate with each other is fragmented, partial and… Little is known about how children and social workers, in their everyday encounters, experience the same interaction. This paper focuses on the second phase of a UK research council funded project – Talking and Listening to Children – in which children who are looked after and their social workers reflect on their experiences of a professional encounter. Utilising video stimulated recall techniques child-social worker dyads were videoed taking part in an everyday interaction, e.g an informal preparatory meeting for a formal review meeting. Each of the participants then had the opportunity to review the video footage of the encounter and to discuss with the researcher where they felt both parties in the exchange were in agreement, or not, with what was happening in the communication process.The paper will present key findings from the research, make recommendations for how the findings can enhance good communication practices with children and young people and consider how the use of video stimulated recall as a research methodology can empower both children and professionals in the interest of practice improvement.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 30 Mar 2016
Event6th European Confernce for Social Work Research - Lisbon, Portugal
Duration: 30 Mar 201601 Apr 2016


Conference6th European Confernce for Social Work Research


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