Strategies for critical reflection in international contexts for social work students

Chaitali Das, Janet Carter Anand

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International contexts provide social work students with the opportunity to develop knowledge of international social work, global citizenship and cultural competency. While these contexts are powerful sites of learning, there is a need to ensure that this occurs within a critical framework. The paradigm of critical reflection is used to facilitate this and has been popular in international programs. In this article, we develop this further by describing critically-reflective techniques and providing examples used in a pilot exchange program between a social work school in the UK and in India. The potential implications of these strategies for social work education are discussed. © The Author(s) 2012
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)109-120
JournalInternational Social Work
Issue number2
Early online date13 Jun 2012
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2014


  • critical reflection
  • cultural competency
  • international context
  • international fieldwork placement
  • social work education

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