Stratified prokaryote network in the oxic-anoxic transition of a deep sea halocline.

John E. Hallsworth, J. Thomson, K.N. Timmis, G.J. De Lange, D. Daffonchio, S. Borin, T. Brusa, L. Brusetti, P.W.J.J. Van Der Wielen, H. Bolhuis, G. D'Auria, M. Yakimov, L. Giuliano, D. Marty, C. Tamburni, T.J. McGenity, A. Sass, A. Tselepides, A. Hubner, S.P. VarnavasF. Gasparoni, H.W. Gerber, E. Malinverno, C. Corselli, Biodeep Scientific Party

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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)203-207
Number of pages5
Issue number7081
Publication statusPublished - 09 Mar 2006

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