Successful telescope proposal: Do exoplanets spin up their host stars?

Katja Poppenhaeger

Research output: Other contribution


We have collected initial evidence that tidal interaction between a late-type star and its close-in, massive planet can lead to a spin-up of the host star. We propose to explore this further by studying a small sample of proper motion pairs in which one of the stars is orbited by a Hot Jupiter. We will determine if the activity-estimated age appears to be strongly different for the two stars, which would indicate a tidal spin up of the Hot Jupiter host star. We propose to observe 4 such systems with Chandra/ACIS-S, and to perform a similar observation of one additional system with large angular separation using XMM-Newton/EPIC. The total proposed exposure times are 141 ks (Chandra) and 38 ks (XMM).
Original languageEnglish
TypeAccepted observing proposal
Publication statusPublished - 01 Sep 2013

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