Synchrophasor Broadcast over Internet Protocol for Distributed Generator Synchronization

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Synchronous islanded operation involves continuously holding an islanded power network in virtual synchronism with the main power system to aid paralleling and avoid potentially damaging out-of-synchronism reclosure. This requires phase control of the generators in the island and the transmission of a reference signal from a secure location on the main power system. Global positioning system (GPS) time-synchronized phasor measurements transmitted via an Internet protocol (IP) are used for the reference signal. However, while offering low cost and a readily available solution for distribution networks, IP communications have variable latency and are susceptible to packet loss, which can make time-critical control applications difficult. This paper investigates the ability of the phase-control system to tolerate communications latency. Phasor measurement conditioning algorithms that can tolerate latency are used in the phase-control loop of a 50-kVA diesel generator.
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JournalIeee Transactions On Power Delivery
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Early online date12 Apr 2010
Publication statusPublished - 01 Oct 2010

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