Tackling Invasive Alien Species in Europe: the Top 20 Issues

Joe M. Caffrey, Jan-Robert Baars, Jenny H. Barbour, Pieter Boets, Philip Boon, Keith Davenport, Jaimie T.A. Dick, John Early, Lennart Edsman, Cathal Gallagher, Jackson Gross, Petri Heinimaa, Chris Horrill, Stéphanie Hudin, Philip E. Hulme, Stephen Hynes, Hugh J. MacIsaac, Paul McLoone, Michael Millane, Toril L. MoenNiall Moore, Jonathan Newman, Ruairi O'Conchuir, Martin O?Farrell, Colette O?Flynn, Birgit Oidtmann, Trevor Renals, Anthony Ricciardi, Helen Roy, Richard Shaw, Olaf Weyl, Frances Williams, Frances E. Lucy

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