Technicolour Dickens: The Living Image of Charles Dickens, July 2020-May2021

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On the 150th anniversary of Dickens death, this exhibition at the Charles Dickens Museum, curated by Leon Litvack, explores the enduring power of Dickens’s image. REF Impact testimonial by Frankie Kubucki, Special Projects Curator at the Dickens Museum (Jan 2021): "Dr Litvack was the lead academic working on the technical aspect of the coloured images and his research and advice fed significantly into the final versions of the coloured portraits. We approached Dr Leon Litvack to collaborate on the project due to his reputation as an academic authority on Dickens photographic portraits, and the photographers, and processes that created these images.The project and research contributed by Dr Litvack will have an important legacy on the museum database and wider impact on the collection."
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLondon
PublisherCharles Dickens Museum
Publication statusPublished - 04 Jul 2020


  • Dickens, Charles
  • Photography
  • colourisation
  • Celebrity


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