TH2 and TH17 inflammatory pathways are reciprocally regulated in asthma

David F Choy, Kevin M Hart, Lee A Borthwick, Aarti Shikotra, Deepti R Nagarkar, Salman Siddiqui, Guiquan Jia, Chandra M Ohri, Emma Doran, Kevin M Vannella, Claire Butler, Beverley Hargadon, Joshua C Sciurba, Richard L Gieseck, Robert W Thompson, Sandra White, Alexander R Abbas, Janet Jackman, Lawren C Wu, Jackson G EgenLiam G Heaney, Thirumalai R Ramalingam, Joseph R Arron, Thomas A Wynn, Peter Bradding

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Increasing evidence suggests that asthma is a heterogeneous disorder regulated by distinct molecular mechanisms. In a cross-sectional study of asthmatics of varying severity (n = 51), endobronchial tissue gene expression analysis revealed three major patient clusters: TH2-high, TH17-high, and TH2/17-low. TH2-high and TH17-high patterns were mutually exclusive in individual patient samples, and their gene signatures were inversely correlated and differentially regulated by interleukin-13 (IL-13) and IL-17A. To understand this dichotomous pattern of T helper 2 (TH2) and TH17 signatures, we investigated the potential of type 2 cytokine suppression in promoting TH17 responses in a preclinical model of allergen-induced asthma. Neutralization of IL-4 and/or IL-13 resulted in increased TH17 cells and neutrophilic inflammation in the lung. However, neutralization of IL-13 and IL-17 protected mice from eosinophilia, mucus hyperplasia, and airway hyperreactivity and abolished the neutrophilic inflammation, suggesting that combination therapies targeting both pathways may maximize therapeutic efficacy across a patient population comprising both TH2 and TH17 endotypes.
Original languageEnglish
Article number301ra129
JournalScience Translational Medicine
Issue number301
Publication statusPublished - 19 Aug 2015


  • Asthma
  • Heterogeneity

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    Choy, D. F., Hart, K. M., Borthwick, L. A., Shikotra, A., Nagarkar, D. R., Siddiqui, S., Jia, G., Ohri, C. M., Doran, E., Vannella, K. M., Butler, C., Hargadon, B., Sciurba, J. C., Gieseck, R. L., Thompson, R. W., White, S., Abbas, A. R., Jackman, J., Wu, L. C., ... Bradding, P. (2015). TH2 and TH17 inflammatory pathways are reciprocally regulated in asthma. Science Translational Medicine, 7(301), [301ra129].