The Cow: Discovery of a Luminous, Hot, and Rapidly Evolving Transient

Simon Prentice, Kate Maguire, Stephen Smartt, Mark Magee, P. Schady, Stuart Sim, T.-W. Chen, Peter Clark, Christelle Colin, M Fulton, Owen McBrien, David O'Neill, Kenneth Smith, C Ashall, K. C. Chambers, L. Denneau, H.A. Flewelling, A. Heinze, T. W.-S. Holoien, M.E. HuberC. S. Kochanek, Paolo A. Mazzali, J.L. Prieto, A. Rest, B. J. Shappee, Brian Stalder, K. Z. Stanek, M. D. Stritzinger, T. A. Thompson, J. L. Tonry

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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