The Low Density Transiting Exoplanet WASP-15b

R.G. West, D.R. Anderson, M. Gillon, L. Hebb, C. Hellier, P.F.L. Maxted, D. Queloz, B. Smally, A.H.M.G. Triaud, D.H. Wilson, S. Bentley, A. Collier Cameron, B. Enoch, K. Horne, J. Irwin, T.A. Lister, M. Mayor, N. Parley, F. Pepe, Don PollaccoD. Segransan, M. Spano, S. Udry, P.J. Wheatley

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We report the discovery of a low-density exoplanet transiting an 11th magnitude star in the Southern hemisphere. WASP-15b, which orbits its host star with a period P = 3.7520656 ± 0.0000028 d, has a mass M p = 0.542 ± 0.050 M J and radius R p = 1.428 ± 0.077 R J, and is therefore one of the least dense transiting exoplanets so far discovered (?p = 0.247 ± 0.035 g cm-3). An analysis of the spectrum of the host star shows it to be of spectral type around F5, with an effective temperature T eff = 6300 ± 100 K and [Fe/H] = -0.17 ± 0.11.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4834-3836
Number of pages999
JournalAstronomical Journal
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2009


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