Time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy

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Vibrational Raman spectroscopy is now widely recognized as a useful technique for chemical analysis. It has become increasingly popular for the characterization of stable species since the technology which underpins Raman measurements has matured. Time-resolved Raman spectroscopy has also become established as an excellent method for the characterization of transient chemical species but it is not so widely applied. However, the technical advances which have reduced the cost and increased the reliability of conventional: Raman systems can also be exploited in studies of transient species. In some cases it is just as straightforward to record the Raman-spectra of a short-lived transient species as it is to monitor a more stable sample. This raises the possibility of routinely adding time-domain Raman measurements to more conventional Raman techniques, increasing the selectivity of the analysis while retaining its ability to provide spectral information which is characteristic of the species under investigation.
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Pages (from-to)R107-R120
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - 1996


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