Tratamiento de ritmo y rima en las traducciones al español de los Sonetos de Shakespeare

Translated title of the contribution: Treatment of Rythm and Rhyme in Spanish Translations of the Shakespeare's Sonnets

Tanya Fernández Escudero

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Based on the definitions of verse, rhythm and rhyme and the sonnet’s features in both English and Spanish lyrical poetry, this study formally analyzes the meter of a corpus consisting of eleven translations of Shakespeare’s Sonnets (1609) into Spanish, all of them published in Spain between 1990 and 2013. For this analysis we have paid attention to three essential aspects: verse length, stressed syllables pattern and the type of rhyme used by the translator. This has been made in order to observe the rhythm and rhyme treatment in them and draw some conclusions about the degree of formal similarity between the translation and the source text. This degree of similarity has been established from a gradual list of potential correspondences in Spanish for the iambic pentameter used by Shakespeare in his poems.
Original languageSpanish
Article number10.7202/1041028ar
Pages (from-to)350-367
JournalMeta: Translators' Journal
Issue number2
Early online date02 Aug 2017
Publication statusPublished - 11 Sep 2017



  • rhythm, rhyme, translation, sonnets, Shakespeare

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