Tumour invasion and dissemination

Ryan Lusby, Philip Dunne, Vijay K. Tiwari

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Activating invasion and metastasis are one of the primary hallmarks of cancer, the latter representing the leading cause of death in cancer patients. Whilst many advances in this area have been made in recent years, the process of cancer dissemination and the underlying mechanisms governing invasion are still poorly understood. Cancer cells exhibit multiple invasion strategies, including switching between modes of invasion and plasticity in response to therapies, surgical interventions and environmental stimuli. The ability of cancer cells to switch migratory modes and their inherent plasticity highlights the critical challenge preventing the successful design of cancer and anti-metastatic therapies. This mini-review presents current knowledge on the critical models of tumour invasion and dissemination. We also discuss the current issues surrounding current treatments and arising therapeutic opportunities. We propose that the establishment of novel approaches to study the key biological mechanisms underlying the metastatic cascade is critical in finding novel targets that could ultimately lead to complete inhibition of cancer cell invasion and dissemination.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages13
JournalBiochemical Society Transactions
Early online date17 Jun 2022
Publication statusEarly online date - 17 Jun 2022


  • Biochemistry


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