Use of an electronic database to tailor undergraduate teaching in endodontic procedures

Mark Lappin, Jenny Good, Karen Gibson

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Objectives: The use of electronic databases to record student performance is commonplace in a number of undergraduate clinical courses. Such databases not only provide substantial feedback on student performance but can also be employed to highlight areas of student learning need.
Our principal aim was to analyse the data obtained from 3rd, 4th and final year dental undergraduates during endodontic procedures and to identify areas within the course where students would benefit from additional teaching.
Methods: Data collected on the Liftupp database on endodontic procedures undertaken by undergraduate students was evaluated.
This system collates information on a broad range of components of each clinical treatment modality using a scoring system from 1 to 6. Scores ranging between 1-3 indicate areas of student performance requiring development.
All scores ranging between 1-6 were identified for each clinical student providing an overview of areas where students required further instruction.
Results: The majority of students performed well in their clinical procedures, with higher scores being achieved by the more experienced students. A number of areas were identified where supplemental teaching would be beneficial namely in:
ability to identify canals, ability to gain appropriate access, appropriate moisture control and ability to take and interpret working length radiographs
Conclusion: In general the students performed endodontic procedures to a suitable standard. Evaluation of the data illustrated areas where certain students required further teaching.
The data obtained was subsequently discussed at departmental teaching forums with clinical teaching staff. The areas where students commonly encountered problems were highlighted so that clinical teaching could be tailored to address these issues.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 03 Nov 2017
EventIADR Irish Division Annual Conference 2017
2nd--‐3rd November 2017
- Belfast, United Kingdom
Duration: 02 Nov 201703 Nov 2017


ConferenceIADR Irish Division Annual Conference 2017
2nd--‐3rd November 2017
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


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