Variation and trends in incidence of childhood diabetes in Europe

A. Green, G. Brutti, Christopher Patterson, G. Dahlquist, G. Soltesz, A. Green, E. Schober, I. Weets, C. Vandevalle, F. Gorus, M. Coeckelberghs, M. Du Caju, V. Christov, V. Tzaneva, V. Iotova, G. Roglic, J. Vavrinec, B.S. Olsen, A.J. Svendsen, J. KreutzfeldtE. Lund, T. Poodar, J. Tuomilehto, M. Karvonen, C. Levy-Marchal, P. Czernichow, J. Doutreix, G. Giani, A. Neu, C. Bartsocas, K. Kassiou, C. Dacou-Voutetaki, A.C. Kafourou, A. Al-Qadreh, C. Karagianni, N. Papazoglou, G. Soltesz, A.V. Thorsson, Z. Laron, O. Gordon, Y. Albag, I. Shamis, G. Chiumello, P. Pozzilli, N. Visalli, L. Sebastiani, G. Marietti, R. Buzzetti, M. Songini, A. Casu, A. Marinaro, R. Ricciardi, M.A. Zedda, A. Milia, F. Purrello, M. Arpi, G. Fichera, M. Mancuso, C. Lucenti, G. Brigis, B. Urbonaite, C. De Beaufort, M. Kocova, M. Reeser, G. Joner, D. Woznicka, Z. Szybinski, P. Jarosz-Chobot, I. Kinaiska, S. Abreu, C. Menezes, E.A. Pina, C. Ionescu-Tirgoviste, D. Michalkova, P. Hlava, M. Mikulecky, J. Cernay, C. Krzisnik, T. Battelino, N. Bratina-Ursic, A. Goday, G. Dahlquist, E. Schonle, C. Patterson, R. Greenlees, D. Carson, D. Hadden, P. Bingley, N. Raymond, P. McKinney, H. Bodansky, C. Stephenson

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Background To study the epidemiology of childhood-onset type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes in Europe, the EURODIAB collaborative group established in 1988 prospective geographically-defined registers of new cases diagnosed under 15 years of age. This report is based on 16 362 cases registered during the period 1989-94 by 44 centres representing most European countries and Israel and covering a population of about 28 million children.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)873-876
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 2000


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