Vibrational state-selected photodissociation of ClO+

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We report on the UV photodissociation of specific vibrational states (v = 2–45) of ClO+ using velocity map
ion imaging. The high vibrational states of ClO+ are prepared via a double resonant scheme through the
ClO (A 2P) state and ion-pair states followed by photoionization with a third photon. The absorption of a
fourth photon results in photodissociation of the ClO+ into two dominant asymptotic channels. The Cl+
and O+ fragment ion images reveal information on both the energetics of high-lying cation vibrational
states and the low-lying dissociative electronic states that correlate to Cl+(3P) + O(3P) and Cl(2P) + O+(4S)
asymptotic channels. We also report ab initio potentials for the bound ClO+ and ion-pair states as well as
calculations of the ClO+ excited states relevant to the photodissociation process.
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JournalChemical Physics
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Publication statusPublished - 26 Oct 2012

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