Visible-Wavelength Survey of Jupiter-Family Cometary Nuclei as Part of SEPPCoN

Y. R. Fernandez, S. C. Lowry, K. J. Meech, R. Laird, A. Fitzsimmons, C. Snodgrass, P. R. Weissman, J. Pittichova, J. M. Bauer, H. A. Weaver, C. M. Lisse, M. F. A'Hearn, H. Campins, O. Groussin, M. S. Kelley, P. L. Lamy, J. Licandro, I. Toth, W. T. Reach

Research output: Contribution to journalMeeting abstract


We present observations of a statistically-significant number of Jupiter-family cometary nuclei as part of SEPPCoN (Survey of the Ensemble Physical Properties of Cometary Nuclei). We present preliminary results on distributions of albedos and shapes.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)6488
JournalAsteroids, Comets, Meteors 2012, Proceedings of the conference held May 16-20, 2012 in Niigata, Japan. LPI Contribution No. 1667, id.6488
Publication statusPublished - 01 May 2012


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