Wideband Antennas

Umair Naeem, Vincent Fusco

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Wideband operation is often desired for modern wireless systems, applications include, data hungry multi-standard wireless communication systems, ultrahigh-resolution radars desired for connected and autonomous driving applications, imaging systems for healthcare or security applications. A highly critical component of such wideband systems is the antenna or antenna array. These radiating structures must be capable of handling wide circuit impedance bandwidth while maintaining required stable spatial radiation characteristics with good efficiency. Overall system requirements dictate the radiation characteristics and electrical terminal specification of the antenna or antenna array and its integration with the transmit and/or receiver front-end. In wideband systems, the design of the antenna, or antenna array, and its integration with the system is exceptionally challenging.

One way to address this problem is by splitting the frequency band of operation into multiple sub-bands and then design separate antenna assemblies for each sub-band. This approach increases hardware complexity thereby increasing cost and nonrecurrent engineering design effort. A single wideband antenna or antenna array, while more complex to design, can offer a more elegant solution.

The objective of this chapter is to give the reader a brief overview of wideband antenna techniques and to provide a summary account of the selection criteria and design processes underpinning wideband antenna development. It is hoped that this chapter will enable the reader, equipped with a fundamental background in antenna and radio wave propagation, to gain an appreciation of the key aspects of the operating principles and design requirements associated with some of the most familiar forms of wideband antennas. This chapter includes discussion of some of the core fabrication and measurement challenges associated with such antennas.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationWideband, Multiband, and Smart Antenna Systems
EditorsMohammad Abdul Matin
ISBN (Electronic)9783030743116
ISBN (Print)9783030743109
Publication statusPublished - 22 Sept 2021

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NameSignals and Communication Technology
ISSN (Print)1860-4870


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