Wind Power Planning: Problems and Perceptions in Practice and Procedure

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Despite the fact that the UK has highest potential in the EU to generate renewable energy from wind, it lags behind its European partners. The departure point for this study is provided by the fact that the land use planning system has been perceived by some to create difficulties in pursuit of the achievement of National Action Plan targets. In the course of a review of literature, legislation, policy and case files a number of issues emerge relating not only to operational practice but structural concerns regarding knowledge, legitimacy and ethics. These are scrutinised in an empirical investigation which provides insights into the ontologies behind how knowledge is used and abused. Concerns are highlighted regarding the tactical manipulation of knowledges and the difficulties associated with objectifying evidence so that it can be understood, validated and authenticated. The paper concludes by reflecting on the implications for the regulatory framework, the legitimisation of decisions and the ethics of the profession and how these, in turn, are conditioned by the production, use and transparency of planning knowledge.
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JournalEuropean Planning Studies
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Early online date13 Jan 2014
Publication statusPublished - 2015


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