WS03.1 Longitudinal airway microbiota profiling in cystic fibrosis patients enrolled in the CFMATTERS clinical trial

Gisli Einarsson, E. Flanagan, A. Lee, J.S. Elborn, M. Tunny, B.J. Plant

Research output: Contribution to journalMeeting abstractpeer-review


CFMATTERS is a randomized, controlled trial of the effectivenessand safety of microbiome-directed, tailored antimicrobial treatmentsversus current empirical therapy in the treatment of pulmonary exacerbationsin CF patients. Our aim was to assess changes in the lower airwaymicrobiota of CF patients and to compare the use of microbiome-directedantibiotic treatment versus standard therapy for CF patients experiencingpulmonary exacerbations.

Sputum samples (n = 135) were collected from patients (n = 27)during stability, prior to treatment for an infective exacerbation (day 0) andat three time-points post-exacerbation (day 14; day 28; 3 months). Patientswere stratified into two groups, receiving standard treatment (Tobramycinand Ceftazidime or Aztreonam) or standard treatment and an additionalthird antibiotic based on the 3rd and 4th most common taxa detected bynext-generation sequencing. Genomic DNA was extracted and microbialcommunity profiles determined by sequencing the 16S rRNA marker geneusing the Illumina MiSeq platform.

In both treatment arms relative abundance of Pseudomonas spp.decreased following treatment (day 0), associated with a marked increasein members of Streptococcus spp., Prevotella spp. and Veillonella spp. By day28 the microbiota had reverted back pre-treatment relative abundance, andremained stable for up to 3 months.Conclusion: Airway microbial community composition remains relativelystable with the main alteration being associated with antibiotic treatmentfor pulmonary exacerbations.

Acknowledgement: Funding: CFMATTERS (EUFP7, 603038).
Original languageEnglish
Article numberS4
JournalJournal of Cystic Fibrosis
Issue numbersupplement 1
Publication statusPublished - 01 Jun 2017
Event40th European Cystic Fibrosis Conference 2017 - Seville, Spain
Duration: 07 Jul 201710 Jul 2017


  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Clinical Study
  • Microbiota
  • Microbiome
  • Antibiotic Therapy
  • Sputum
  • Exacerbations
  • Aerobic Bacteria
  • Anaerobic Bacteria
  • Infection
  • airways disease


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