A bioactive peptide QUB-1370 from the frog skin secretion of Pelophylax nigromaculata

  • Ying Wu

Student thesis: Masters ThesisMaster of Philosophy


Natural products are sources for the development of novel drugs to treat human diseases. Bioactive peptides from amphibian skin secretions have been demonstrated to have multiple biological activities, such as antimicrobial activity, anticancer activity and so on. Furthermore, some of the peptides have been proven as the promising candidates of new drugs.
A cDNA precursor encoding the peptide was identified from the skin secretion of Pelophylax nigromaculata by using molecular cloning. The mature peptide was named QUB-1370 according to its molecular mass. The sequence is: VIPIVSGLLFSLL-NH2. Then the peptide synthesizer was used to synthesis the peptide and the peptide was purified by using RP-HPLC. To test the bioactivities of QUB-1370, a series assays such as antimicrobial assay, anticancer assay and haemolysis examinations were performed. However, the results showed that QUB-1370 didn't show any biological functions in these experiments.
Date of Award24 Aug 2018
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Queen's University Belfast
SupervisorMei Zhou (Supervisor), Lei Wang (Supervisor) & Yuxin Wu (Supervisor)

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