English language teaching curriculum in Indonesian Islamic higher education
: The complexities of learning outcomes

  • Sukirman Sukirman

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


The aim of this study is to evaluate the quality of learning outcomes (LOs) within the KKNI-based ELT curriculum applied in Indonesian Islamic higher education institutions. Drawing upon the concepts of educational learning objectives (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domain) within Bloom’s taxonomy – particularly the revised Bloom’s taxonomy – offers a promising analytical lens through which to examine the quality of the analysed learning outcome designs. Furthermore, this study follows the six-step process of document analysis design proposed by O’Leary (2017), with in-depth analysis of 657 learning outcomes obtained from 13 KKNI-based ELT curricula applied in Indonesian Islamic higher education institutions. The obtained data are then analysed using content analysis and thematic analysis techniques as proposed by Bowen (2009). Surprisingly, this study finds that the majority of the learning outcomes were poorly designed, which negatively effect the clarity, observability, and measurability of the learning outcomes. Last but not least, the findings of this study have implications for the field of knowledge related to the concept of learning outcomes and Bloom’s taxonomy. In a wider context, the findings provide additional evidence of the struggles of certain countries in settling the learning outcomes within their national qualification frameworks, as experienced by ELT departments in Indonesian Islamic higher education.

Thesis embargoed until 31 December 2024
Date of AwardDec 2022
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Queen's University Belfast
SponsorsMinistry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia (MoRA 5000 Doctors Scholarships)
SupervisorCaroline Linse (Supervisor) & Sultan Turkan (Supervisor)


  • Bloom’s illustrative verbs
  • Bloom’s taxonomy
  • ELT curriculum
  • ELT learning outcomes
  • Indonesian Islamic higher education
  • learning outcomes
  • KKNI-based ELT curriculum
  • well-designed learning outcomes

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