Network 4.0: The importance of international and interdisciplinary networks – A practical guide

    Activity: Talk or presentationPublic lecture/debate/seminar

    Victoria Durrer - Presenter

    Raphaela Henze - Contributor

    In 2016 we founded the international and interdisciplinary network Brokering Intercultural Exchange. with support from the Arts & Humanities Research Council. We have been bringing international experts from different disciplines together in Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Through small, intensive workshops we are exploring the challenges and opportunities that globalization and internationalization presents individuals working within the education and practice of arts management. Our website is aimed at helping to disseminate the findings from our sessions and further connect international researchers and practitioners. This presentation will share our initial reflection on what we have learned from the research work to date. We will pay particular attention to issues of language, terminology and the status of the field of arts management itself. We will share some of the practicalities involved with establishing and managing the network, such as the application process and finding members and supporters. We will also report on the challenges we have faced e.g. with digitalisation and on the lessons we learned with structuring, organising and running such a network. We will also reflect on our own roles in shaping this process. In establishing the network, we have become international and intercultural brokers of the exchange of arts management discourse in education and practice. While this may, in one way, help advance critical discourse in the field of arts management, we must also acknowledge how our personal assumptions, beliefs and experiences may limit this discourse. In utilising our network as a kind of real live case study, this session provides an opportunity to consider why, how and through what mechanisms exchange between researchers, educators and practitioners must and can be fostered. The structure of our session will thus facilitate further consideration of the role of interdisciplinary and inter-professional networks as well as provide opportunity to explore issues related to the education and practice of arts management within the context of globalization and internationalization.
    29 Sep 2017
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