IntCal13 radiocarbon calibration databases


    • Ron Reimer (Creator)
    • Paula Reimer (Creator)
    • E. Bard (Contributor)
    • Alex Bayliss (Contributor)
    • J.W. Beck (Contributor)
    • P.G. Blackwell (Contributor)
    • C. Bronk Ramsey (Contributor)
    • Caitlin E. Buck (Contributor)
    • Hai Cheng (Contributor)
    • R.L. Edwards (Contributor)
    • M. Friedrich (Contributor)
    • P.M. Grootes (Contributor)
    • T.P. Guilderson (Contributor)
    • Haflidi Haflidason (Contributor)
    • I. Hajdas (Contributor)
    • Christine Hatté (Contributor)
    • T.J. Heaton (Contributor)
    • D.L. Hoffmann (Contributor)
    • A. Hogg (Contributor)
    • Konrad A. Hughen (Contributor)
    • K.F. Kaiser (Contributor)
    • Bernd Kromer (Contributor)
    • S.W. Manning (Contributor)
    • M. Niu (Contributor)
    • David Richards (Contributor)
    • E.M. Scott (Contributor)
    • J.R. Southon (Contributor)
    • R.A. Staff (Contributor)
    • C.S.M. Turney (Contributor)
    • J. Van Der Plicht (Contributor)

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    Tree-ring, coral, speleothem, varve sediment and foraminifera 14C and calendar age determinations used to build the IntCal13 and Marine13 calibration curves. Data relates to paper - 'IntCal13 and Marine13 Radiocarbon Age Calibration Curves 0-50,000 Years Cal BP', Radiocarbon. 55, 4, p. 1869-1887 19 p.
    Date made available01 Jan 2013
    PublisherQueen's University Belfast
    Date of data production01 Aug 2013
    Geographical coverageWorldwide

    ID: 16475954