Improving outcomes for looked-after children in Northern Ireland

    Impact: Societial Impact, Public Policy Impact

    • Pinkerton, John (Participant)
    • Dominic McSherry (Participant)
    • Kerrylee Weatherall (Participant)
    • Stanislowa Iwaniec (Participant)
    • Emma Larkin (Participant)

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    For the most part, looked-after children have poorer physical and mental health than other children, and do less well educationally. Their employment prospects are poorer and they are over-represented amongst young offenders. But this is changing for the better in Northern Ireland, where research at Queen’s has helped to improve the stability and quality of placements provided to looked-after children, and the support given to them when they leave care. The 2010 Demos report on children in state care in the UK used illustrations of best practice from Northern Ireland.

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    • Societial Impact
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