Irish Sex Work Research Network

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    The newly established Irish Sex Work Research Network (ISWRN) emerged out of the the earlier symposium on the governance of commerical sex funded by the New Foundations programme of the Irish Research Council of which Ellison was also a member. This was held at a number of seminars and workshops at the Universities of Galway and Limerick between 2014 and 2016. This symposium marked the first time on the island of Ireland that the issue of commerical sex was ever subjected to academic attention unlike the situation in other EU states, including the UK. Participants in the earlier symposium felt that there was scope to develop the issues further and establish a more concrete research network involving participants from HEIs across Ireland. The network was launched on 16th November, 2018 at a one-day conference held at Trinity College Dublin. Graham Ellison is a Board member of the ISWRN. Links to academics in the UK, the EU and internationally have also been made where appropriate. The ISWRN launched with its own webpage and Twitter / Facebook accounts.

    Who is affected

    sex workers, sexual health professionals, academics, police and law enforcement, public prosecution agencies, social services, students and graduate researchers.


    The Irish Sex Work Research Network (ISWRN) is a platform for those interested in developing and supporting sex work and sexual governance scholarship within the island of Ireland. The network is a resource intended for sharing research on a range of issues that relate to and shape sex work. Topics include, but are not limited to, social justice, human rights, violence, exploitation, health, poverty, gender, migration, trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation, law and policy. One of the core aims of the network is to stimulate research into sex work and sexual governance topics as they pertain to the island of Ireland. The foundation of the network is even more timely given that both parts of Ireland have introduced sex purchase legislation into their jurisdictions. This means that the situation in both parts of Ireland is app

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