Seagate Technology R&D Investment Strategy

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    • Alina Schilling (Participant)
    • Bowman, Robert (Participant)
    • Gregg, Marty (Participant)
    • Paul Evans (Participant)
    • Xinhua Zhu (Participant)
    • John McPhillips (Participant)
    • Pollard, Robert (Participant)
    • Ronald Atkinson (Participant)
    • Hendren, William (Participant)
    • Gregory Wurtz (Participant)
    • Wayne Dickson (Participant)
    • Anatoly Zayats (Participant)

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    University research and expertise in materials and photonics relevant to data storage has influenced strategic investment decision-making within Seagate Technology resulting in the creation of 85 new R&D positions in the UK announced in 2010. These new jobs were part of an £60M investment that saw a re-allocation of corporate budget from the USA and resulted in significant expansion of Seagate Technology’s UK based R&D capacity. The investment was made to support their medium-term technology roadmap plans. Seagate Technology is the world-leading manufacturer and supplier of data storage technology in the form of disk drives, employing 53,000 people worldwide.

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    • Economic Impact

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