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    1. Successful Commercial Exploitation of Digital Pathology for Cancer Education, Biomarker Discovery and Clinical Diagnosis

      Peter Hamilton (Participant), James Diamond (Participant), Yinhai Wang (Participant), Ching-Wei Wang (Participant), Paul Kelly (Participant), Jacqueline James (Participant), Dean Fennell (Participant)

      Impact: Health Impact, Quality of Life Impact

    2. Suicide Prevention Policy and Practice in Northern Ireland

      Michael Tomlinson (Participant), Paddy Hillyard (Participant)

      Impact: Societial Impact, Public Policy Impact

    3. The Conversation story

      Helen Noble (Participant)

      Impact: Public Service Impact

    4. The Definition of Slavery: Contemporary Relevance and Legal Certainty

      Jean Allain (Participant)

      Impact: Societial Impact

    5. The Global Monitoring of Cardiovascular Disease

      Frank Kee (Participant), Alun Evans (Participant), Evelyn Gardner (Participant)

      Impact: Health Impact

    6. The Grass Ceiling: Reaching Women in Rural Areas

      Sally Shortall (Participant)

      Impact: Public Policy Impact, Societial Impact

    7. The Letters and Photographs of Charles Dickens: Private and Public Exposure of the Celebrity Persona

      Leon Litvack (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Economic Impact, Quality of Life Impact, Societial Impact, Other Impact

    8. The Rule of the Land: Politics, Landscape and Identity on Ireland’s Border

      Garrett Carr (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact, Other Impact

    9. Theatre Translation and Cultural Encounter

      David Johnston (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact

    10. Transforming the Musicality of Young Players

      Piers Hellawell (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact

    11. Using German Protest Song in Political Education

      David Robb (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact

    12. Viability and Irish Credit Unions

      Barry Quinn (Participant), Donal McKillop (Participant)

      Impact: Public Policy Impact, Economic Impact, Societial Impact

    13. Workshop The Meaning of Clothes

      Maruska Svasek (Participant)

      Impact: Societial Impact

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