1. ‘Cohesive Paste™’: A Product with Enhanced Comfort and Skin Protection for Stoma Patients

      David Jones (Participant)

      Impact: Quality of Life Impact, Economic Impact, Health Impact

    2. ActivWireless

      Simon Cotton (Participant), William Scanlon (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact

    3. Adapting digital social prescribing for suicide bereavement support

      Karen Galway (Participant), Sharon Mallon (Participant), Paul Best (Participant), Olinda Santin (Participant)

      Impact: Public Policy Impact

    4. Addressing the Past: History, Film and Public Memory

      Fearghal McGarry (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact

    5. Applications of Novel Speech and Audio-Visual Processing Research

      Ming Ji (Participant), Ramji Srinivasan (Participant), Daniel Crookes (Participant), Darryl Stewart (Participant), Niall McLaughlin (Participant), Roger Woods (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Health Impact

    6. BBC4: Pioneers of Popular Entertainment

      Richard Schoch (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact

    7. BC researchers studying benefits of early help for children with autism

      Amy Tanner (Participant), Katerina Dounavi (Participant)

      Impact: Public Policy Impact, Quality of Life Impact

    8. Being Human - a festival of the humanities (Northern Ireland Hub)

      Franziska Schroeder (Participant), David Grant (Participant), Kurt Taroff (Participant), Cahal McLaughlin (Participant), Stefanie Lehner (Participant), Alex Murray (Participant), Sian Barber (Participant), Paul Murphy (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact

    9. Bringing Dickens to Ireland: the 2012 Festival

      Leon Litvack (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Quality of Life Impact, Societial Impact, Cultural Impact, Other Impact

    10. British Kidney Patient Association Patient and Carer Leaflets

      Helen Noble (Participant)

      Impact: Societial Impact, Quality of Life Impact, Public Service Impact

    11. Cardinal Analytics

      Alan Hanna (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact

    12. Catalytic Converter Research Leads to Major New Product for Motor Vehicles

      Roy Douglas (Participant), Geoffrey McCullough (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Environmental Impact

    13. Changing the International Criteria for the Diagnosis of Diabetes in Pregnancy

      David McCance (Participant), Terence Lappin (Participant), H Halliday (Participant), Elizabeth Trimble (Participant), B Sheridan (Participant)

      Impact: Health Impact

    14. China's Imperial Eye

      Aglaia De Angeli (Participant), Emma Reisz (Participant), Deirdre Wildy (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact

    15. Civic Culture and Identity Practices in Belfast Since the Late Eighteenth Century

      Sean Connolly (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact

    16. Concert at Berlin Improvisation Research Group (BIRG)

      Franziska Schroeder (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Cultural Impact

    17. Connecting Emotionally With and Through Computers

      Roddy Cowie (Participant), Ellen Douglas-Cowie (Participant), Gary McKeown (Participant), Noel Sheehy (Participant), Ian Sneddon (Participant), Margaret McRorie (Participant), Tijana Vukicevic (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact

    18. Conservation of Maerl (Calcareous red seaweed) in Europe

      Daryl Birkett (Participant), Christine Maggs (Participant), Matthew Dring (Participant), Charmaine Blake (Participant), Sian Wilson (Participant), Paula Reimer (Participant), Mark Johnson (Participant)

      Impact: Public Policy Impact, Environmental Impact

    19. Copyright

      Julian Warner (Participant)

      Impact: Societial Impact

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