1. Improving outcomes for looked-after children in Northern Ireland

      John Pinkerton (Participant), Dominic McSherry (Participant), Kerrylee Weatherall (Participant), Stanislowa Iwaniec (Participant), Emma Larkin (Participant)

      Impact: Societial Impact, Public Policy Impact

    2. Improving outcomes for people with cystic fibrosis through evidence based clinical trials

      Stuart Elborn (Participant), Lorraine Martin (Participant), Damian Downey (Participant), Simon Brockbank (Participant), Madeleine Ennis (Participant)

      Impact: Health Impact, Quality of Life Impact

    3. Improving the Psychological Wellbeing of Captive Animals

      Deborah Wells (Participant), Peter Hepper (Participant)

      Impact: Quality of Life Impact, Public Policy Impact

    4. Increases in the availability of drug services for people with heroin dependency

      Karen McElrath (Participant), Julie Harris (Participant)

      Impact: Societial Impact, Public Policy Impact

    5. Influencing Policy on Young Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings

      David Hayes (Participant), Lisa Bunting (Participant), Trevor Spratt (Participant), Anne Lazenbatt (Participant), Nicola Carr (Participant), Joe Duffy (Participant)

      Impact: Public Policy Impact, Societial Impact

    6. Information retrieval

      Julian Warner (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact

    7. Information Revolutions

      Michael Aldous (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact

    8. Irish Sex Work Research Network

      Graham Ellison (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Health Impact, Public Policy Impact, Societial Impact, Other Impact

    9. LAMDA

      Paul Miller (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact

    10. Languages and Cultural Knowledge in Global Healthcare

      Steven Wilson (Participant)

      Impact: Societial Impact, Cultural Impact

    11. Leadership Institute Capital Markets Course for Axiom Law

      Barry Quinn (Participant), Donal McKillop (Participant), Fotis Papailias (Participant)


    12. Macbeth at the Folger Theatre

      Richard Schoch (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Economic Impact

    13. Making a Difference to Children's Learning in Schools: Learning to Think and Learning Through Play

      Carol McGuinness (Participant), Noel Sheehy (Participant), Angela Eakin (Participant), Karen Trew (Participant), Elizabeth Sproule (Participant)

      Impact: Public Policy Impact

    14. Measure & Dido

      Richard Schoch (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact

    15. New Eco-Friendly Hybrid Buses for London and Beyond

      Roy Douglas (Participant), Geoffrey McCullough (Participant), Robert Fleck (Participant), Robert Kee (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Environmental Impact

    16. New Method for Die Casting of Automotive Components Saves Energy and Material

      Alastair Long (Participant), David Thornhill (Participant), Cecil Armstrong (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Environmental Impact

    17. Northern Ireland Gas Demand Forecasting

      Barry Quinn (Participant), Alan Hanna (Participant), Fotis Papailias (Participant)


    18. Past, present and future: connecting communities with shared histories

      Kieran Connell (Participant), Matthew Hilton (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact

    19. Performance Without Barriers - Designing inclusive music technologies to transform lives of disabled musicians

      Franziska Schroeder (Participant), Koichi Samuels (Participant), Alex Lucas (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact, Health Impact, Quality of Life Impact, Societial Impact

    20. Performing Restoration Shakespeare

      Richard Schoch (Participant)

      Impact: Cultural Impact

    21. Precision Techniques for Hip Joint Replacement Surgery Improves Quality of Life for over 10,000 Patients

      John Orr (Participant), David Beverland (Participant), Fraser Buchanan (Participant), Janet Hill (Participant), Alice Sykes (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Health Impact